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Ashton Lewis joined BSG in December of 2016 and is currently Manager of Training and Technical Support.  Prior to working in the world of ingredients, Ashton was the Staff Master Brewer and Brewing Group Sales Manager for the Paul Mueller Company living in the world of custom stainless steel.  He was also a partner in the Springfield Brewing Company (SBC) in Springfield, Missouri, and SBC’s master brewer from 1997 to 2019.  Ashton holds a B.S. in Food Science from Virginia Tech (1991) and a M.S. in Food/Brewing Science from UC Davis (1994).  For the last 27 years he has worked for Brew Your Own Magazine as technical editor and “Help Me, Mr. Wizard” columnist.  Ashton is currently the MBAA District Great Plains Technical Chair and a member of the MBAA National Technical Committee.  In his spare time, he enjoys music, cooking, homebrewing, talking about beer, and playing with Excel.