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  • Author & MBAA Publications Director, John Palmer, revisits a fundamentals topic that most brewers have learned but may not think about during daily operations. Explore this topic with us for a renewed understanding so you can better plan grist weights and liquor volumes to hit your targets. Read more at MBAA.com
  • Two years ago Kerry Caldwell suffered severe injuries from an accident in the brewhouse. She was airlifted and overcame the 34% chance of survival calculated by the hospital. This episode is both the story of her accident and a description of a simple, inexpensive device that should be installed in your brewery to prevent similar accidents. Kerry was willing to go through the emotional turmoil of retelling her story here so that other brewers could avoid the horrible injuries that she endured. Read More at MBAA.com or the MBAA Brewery Safety website.
  • Alex Speers and Reade Huddleston discuss an alternative master's thesis program in which students brew and sell a beer commercially throughout the UK. Read more at MBAA.com

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    Hello, I work at a brewery that primarily produces Lager style beers. Typically we ferment at 11C for 3 days and then allow the beer to free rise to 13C and remain there for the rest of the fermentation. Recently I noticed one of our beers was fermenting ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Hi Jose Luis, During our early testing with and without our cavitation technology we found that hop utilization in the whirlpool has more to do with early hop additions than with time. By the time the wort for bitter beers reach the whirlpool stage ...

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    RE: District Southwest

    Posted in: The Mash

    Hi John,  I'm interested. I've also discussed this with some members of the Arizona Brewer's Guild Technical Committee, and there is some interest from other members. Our fear is that there may not be enough interested brewers to sustain momentum. With ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Thought I would bump this again, any ideas? ------------------------------ Zack Ward OMNI Brewing Company Maple Grove MN ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    I use this technique ONLY when collecting 1/2 kettles in brewing large gravity status.   EX: --2400 pounds of grain (ish) --mash and collect 13 bbls in kettle (minimal sparge water needed), turn on lower jacket --transfer 4 bbl of remaining tun wort ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Once you start whirlpooling, most of your hops are a tight pile on the bottom. This would inhibit bitter acid utilization, giving much lower numbers than you would expect for boiling for the same amount of time. Hop bitter acids are not very soluble, ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    You would be surprised how much utilization you are getting.  We have tested extensively and we get the following utilizations: Beginning of boil: 41% Add during last 10 minutes of boil: 35% Add during whirlpool: 25% We are running a 100 BBL GEA/Huppman ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    I disagree.  Last week I used my dial calipers (as I have since 2003).  I also prefer analogue ones rather than digital ones (but have both).  I cross referenced these measurements against an x-ray picture on the exact same can.  I was off by .001" on ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Hi Jose Luis,   Based on our experience with and without using our cavitation technology the hop utilization depends not only on temperature and time, but on the gravity of the wort and IBU level by the time it reaches the whirlpool. If the ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    I was originally taught to use 0% utilization for late additions, but In my experience this is only valid with whole cone hops.  With pellets I see 6-10% utilization in the whirlpool.  From lab analysis results and assuming the bittering addition is giving ...


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