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  • Mark Sammartino discusses some important tools every brewer should have within reach, as we all struggle to deal with increasing competition, costs, variability in raw materials, and strive to operate more sustainable breweries.¬† Links: Process Control Through Enzyme Understanding - Natural & Commercial (district presentation) Enzymes in Brewing (TQ article) This episode is sponsored by:
  • Tom Eplett joins us to talk about some anecdotal¬†fermentation problems, lessons learned, and his go-to papers, books, etc. for troubleshooting and learning about brewing. If you still think the best yeast is in the middle of the cone, you should listen to this episode. Links: Book of fishbone diagrams Video of Tom's full presentation Tom's slides This episode is sponsored by:
  • Many hop farms in Yakima operate 24/7 during much of September. Now that the bales are off the farms and hop selection is over, we catch up with Roy Johnson to get some perspective from one of the world's largest hop merchants. This episode is sponsored by:

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    Municipal water switch

    Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous ​Hi Everybody, Have a question I'm hoping some of you could help out with. In the last month we have undergone a switch in our municipal water supply from ground water to well water.  That ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Christian The Lenticular filter is the easiest to use and lends itself well to removal of air in the cartridge and lines.  The filter media is very expensive though.  Having said that; good  filtration procedures are necessary for Sheet, Lenticular, ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to point out that when cleaning/sanitizing kegs, in order not to prematurely age or even destroy the rubber valve parts (and incidentally, void the Product Warranty if they are Micro Matic keg spears) you'll want to keep steam ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    For most sour beer we have decided to use disposable/one-way kegs. These 20L kegs cost less than $17 each at a pallet order (80 at a time). This is a decision based on not wanting to overlap sour and clean beer in our stainless cooperage much, but also ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Hi,  I'm trying to decide what kind of filter I should get for our start-up brewery and would appreciate any thoughts based on others' experiences. At my previous job we used a plate-and-frame filter and I've leaned in this direction due to familiarity ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Jeremy - There is no protocol that can be advised regarding chemicals to use, temperatures and time for sequence without having a keg system that monitors and controls flow rates, pressure, volume, time and temperature to ensure that what goes into the ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    A couple years back I asked the WA Guild mailing list what people's protocols were for this. The majority answers were just wash it twice and call it good. Some people were more wary, some people were able to use steam, etc.. But we have been tagging ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    Hey Jeremy, I worked at a brewery where we cleaned our forever sour kegs on the same two-head automatic keg washer. All the same bugs you're working with, very similar cleaning cycle except the final step before purge and pressure was a pasteurization ...

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    We use 185 degree citric acid with a pH of 1 or below that way it is both acid and thermally pasteurized.  ATP meter verified for QC. ------------------------------ John Stemler Brewmaster Free Will Brewing Company, LLC Perkasie PA (267) 354-0813 ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Ask The Brewmasters

    We brew a milk stout that is heavy on the lactose - ~11.5% of the recipe, 110# in a 15bbl batch. We harvested yeast from this before & pitched into a brown ale (cell count & viability looked good) but ended up getting a frosting-like aroma & flavor, ...


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